Registration for Kingfisher MTB & Trail Run 2018 Challenge

On 17 March 2018 the 17th edition of the very popular Kingfisher MTB Marathon and Trail Run will take place.
One of the major changes that will take place this year is that the Start/Finish for both the Trail Run and the MTB routes will be at Island Lake picnic area. This is to try and avoid the multiple stop-and-go traffic areas that are currently in place on the roads in and around Hoekwil.
The MTB race is registered with the SA Cycling Federation and all results will be send to SA Seeding to be updated and to assist riders who wants a preferred seeding in high profile races. If you’re looking for that special race that will test your levels of fitness as well as your sense of adventure, come join us.
There will be 4 MTB distances namely a 18km (Fun Ride), 30km , 60km and the 80km on the Saturday and two Trail runs of 8km and 12km also on the Saturday.
Please note that there is a Reduced SANparks access fee of R25/person payable to enter the SANParks Island Lake Venue and thus the reason for NO increase in the Kingfisher 2017-entry fee
Race Start:
- 80km MTB (R220) - Saturday 07:45 am Saturday (17 March 2018) - Minimum Age: 19  - Route Map & Elevation
- 60km MTB (R175) - Saturday 07:45 am Saturday (17 March 2018) - Minimum Age: 15  - Route Map & Elevation
- 30km MTB (R120) - Saturday 08:15 am Saturday (17 March 2018) - Minimum Age: 13  - Route Map & Elevation
- 18km MTB Fun Ride (R70) - Saturday 08:30 am Saturday (17 March 2018) - Minimum Age: 8  - Route Map & Elevation
- 12km Trail Run (R150) - 16:00 pm Saturday (17 March 2018) Minimum Age: 16  - Route Map & Elevation
- 8km Trail Run (R100) - 16:00 pm Saturday (17 March 2018) Minimum Age: 8  - Route Map & Elevation
Race Categories for Eden Marathon Championships. (Required Event next to category - if not interested in Championships, please see minimum age for each distance)
Age as on 31 December 2018

Juniors (MTB Categories)
Seniors (MTB Categories)
  • Nipper Boys & Girls (9-10) - 18km
  • Sprog Boys & Girls (11-12) - 18km
  • Sub Junior Boys & Girls (13 - 14) - 30km
  • Youth Men & Youth Women(15-16) - 60km
  • Junior Men & Women (17-18) - 60km
  • - Elite & Seniors Men and Women (19 ) - 80km
  • - U23 Men - 80km
  • - Masters categories Men and Women
  - Sub Vet Men and Women (30-39) - 80km
  - Vet Men and Women (40-49) - 80km
  - Master Men (80km) and Women (60km) (50-59)
  - Grand Master Men and Women (60 ) - 60km
Race cut-off: 12h30 cut-off time for all participants on 80km MTB route at last water table.
Time of prize-giving for MTB event: 13h00


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